I?m sure you?ve all come across those personality quizzes or Facebook memes about whether you?re an introvert or extrovert. In spite of all the fancy neuroscience and Myers-Briggs alphabet soup, perhaps all you need is a major winter storm. Let?s be honest: binge-watching Netflix can distract you only for so long before the need for different air and real human interaction sets in. With a nature-enforced quarantine due to dangerous roads and frigid temps, you quickly know perfectly well where you sit on the spectrum of being introverted and extroverted.

So, for those extroverts out there who would rather put on skis and head into extremity-numbing, bone-chilling wastelands before going more than a day without human interaction, finding things to do and events to attend in an effort to stave off cabin fever is an absolute must. For the introverts, although you can last a few extra days contently snuggled in solitude, even you are not entirely immune to cabin fever and will eventually feel a need to check in with your fellow humans.

So, here?s a short list of cabin fever ?remedies? in Corning:

This weekend:

  • Thursday, January 24: Corning Underground Original Open Mic feat. Mitch Goldwater at Volo at 74 E Market. Listen to live local music and performances or, better yet, dust off the ol? guitar and step up to the mic yourself! Visit the Facebook event page.
  • Friday, January 25: The first Urban Arts Crawl of 2019 is stunningly jam-packed with 5 openings, 3 artist talks, 3 demos, a 10th anniversary celebration, and more. Get inspired and get those creative juices flowing! Click here for more details.
  • Saturday, January 26: 24-in-48 Readathon at Card Carrying Shop at 15 E Market: ?24in48.com promotes reading for 24 hours in a 48-hour period, which we haven’t done since we had summers off as teenagers!? This could be perfect for the introverts, since you can still cozy up with a book but with the opportunity to be around people at the same time! Visit the Facebook event page.
  • Saturday, January 26: The Crystal City Wine Festival at the Corning Museum of Glass. Unless you?ve sworn off alcohol as a New Year?s resolution, wine & beer tastings are usually pretty fun. It?s an ?opportunity to taste and purchase a wide variety of upstate New York wines, beer, spirits, cheese, honey and more.? ?Visit the Facebook event page for more details and to purchase tickets.

Next week:

  • Friday, February 1: For our families out there (kids definitely get cabin fever, too!), there?s the First Friday Obstacle Course at the YMCA. ?Enjoy a family activity as we transform our gym with obstacles for all ages… Snacks will be provided.? Visit the Facebook event page.
  • Saturday, February 2: For those of you who are always ready to soak up extra knowledge, check out ?Resilience: The Biology of Stress & The Science of Hope? film screening and discussion at the Corning library. The film ?chronicles the birth of a new movement? using cutting-edge brain science to disrupt cycles of violence, addiction and disease.? Visit the Facebook event page for more information and how to register.
  • Saturday, February 2: Craving anything that will remind you of warmer weather? Want to support local farmers? Try the Indoor Winter Farmers? Market at the Information Center at 1 W Market. More information on the Gaffer District?s website.

And don?t forget about the Gaffer District?s annual Cabin Fever event, which is March 8th this year. In the meantime, stay strong Corning! Stay strong.

Amelia Harnas
Amelia is 100% certifiably Corning-raised. Passionate about art, she is thrilled to help coordinate the Urban Arts Crawls. She is best known for her artwork made with red wine and is least known for enjoying the hit track, "Don't Stop Believin'."
Amelia Harnas
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