Yesterday in New York City, Corning, Inc. was recognized at a nation-wide gala for its?exceptional involvement with the arts that enrich the workplace, education, and community. The Business Committee for the Arts (BCA), part of Americans for the Arts, recognizes ten businesses each year for their contributions. In addition to?Corning, Inc., this year’s honorees included?Ameriprise Financial, U.S. Bank, and AutoZone, to name a few.

We are grateful to honor these 10 businesses for their exceptional involvement in ensuring that the arts thrive in their communities. These businesses provide the arts with significant financial and in-kind support, and they incorporate meaningful arts-related programs into their employee, customer, and community relations activities. They enrich the lives of millions of Americans and truly set a standard for other businesses to follow.

– Robert L. Lynch, president and CEO of Americans for the Arts

It’s hard to think about what this town would be if not for Corning, Inc. The Urban Corning Instagram feed, for example, wouldn’t have any pictures of Little Joe Tower. Also,?how would we know what time it is without hearing the steam whistle? We?wouldn’t?have CMoG, either.

The Corning Museum of Glass nominated Corning Incorporated for this honor. The Museum was founded by the company in 1951 as a celebration of Corning’s centennial, and CMoG has enjoyed a continued investment in its growth and popularity ever since. Recently, Corning, Inc. contributed $64 Million for the new Contemporary Art + Design wing at the Museum. Last September, Corning Incorporated partnered with CMoG to?launch a new artist residency program, which supports artists interested in adapting specialty glass materials.

Overall, and particularly through the Corning Incorporated Foundation, Corning’s?contributions have helped build and sustain a wide variety of arts organizations. Organizations on that list include The ARTS Council, The Rockwell Museum, 171 Cedar Arts, The Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes, and countless others through grants, donations, and dollar-for-dollar employee matches. Not to mention, the volunteer efforts of their employees and families are simply invaluable.

We all benefit from organizations that stimulate our senses, inspire our minds, and encourage our curiosity.

– Wendell P. Weeks, CEO of Corning Incorporated

This recognition is important – not because it translates into more money and jobs, not because it’s the most prestigious honor this company has received, and not because we’ve reached any sort of collective milestone or end goal – this recognition is important if only as a practice of gratitude. Whether it’s the effort of one person or one giant corporation, we have a lot?for which to be thankful in this small community and so much of that comes from Corning Incorporated. So thank you, Corning; it’s pretty cool to have you around.

A 'thank you' graphic to recognize Corning Incorporated

The Corning Chamber of Commerce invites our community to join together in thanking Corning Incorporated by sharing this graphic and hashtag on social media.

Sean Lukasik
Sean is the owner and partner at Creagent Marketing in Corning, NY. He helps businesses find their voice on social media and build their audience online. He helps individuals find delicious meals and great drinks throughout the Southern Finger Lakes.
Sean Lukasik
Sean Lukasik
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