The Contemporary Art + Design Wing at the Corning Museum of Glass is turning heads all throughout the art world. The architecture and design, naturally-lit artwork, and sheer magnitude of the project has caught the attention of art critics and glass enthusiasts everywhere. It’s hard to find the right perspective to describe this world-class institution because it’s impossible to explain what it’s like being able to literally walk to the world’s newest museum expansion. I’ll try to explain…

Last week at a?special “2300 Degrees” event kicking off the new wing, my friends and I could only come up with the Guggenheim as a comparison to the CMOG expansion. The problem with that is it inherently feels wrong to mention such a prestigious, timeless, big city museum in the same conversation as our small-town attraction. The truth, though, is that there are similarities; not only because the magnificent, stark white walls curve around the artwork like a nest supporting a delicate?egg, but also because the general atmosphere creates an experience that most museums don’t match.

Standing in the Contemporary Art + Design Wing made me feel like I was somewhere other than Corning, NY. It’s not that?I don’t believe our town is capable of such a beautiful feat, it’s that the experience of being in that Wing is truly?transformational.

Corning Museum of Glass Contemporary Art + Design - New Wing

It’s hard to say more about it because I’m neither an art critic nor an architect; I only know what it felt like standing in that building. So I gathered a few reputable articles that may provide some additional perspective:

New York Times

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle


Arch Daily

If you haven’t already, go visit. Area residents get in for only $9 with?proper ID, but regardless, it’s hard not to justify any cost to see such ethereal beauty. Suffice it to say, you won’t be disappointed.

The new Contemporary Art + Design Wing at the Corning Museum of Glass

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