It’s June 7th. 607 Day.

607. Three numbers that represent the Southern Tier, a region home to over 750,000 people. 750,000 people with unique interests, various ideologies, and diverse backgrounds. 750,000 people strewn across a massive area, from the cities of Binghamton, Elmira, and Corning to the villages and towns of Watkins Glen, Owego, and Bath. To most, it would seem unlikely that three numbers could represent this vast array of places, and the even more vast accumulation of the people who call them home.

Yet, with all of those differences, we residents of the Southern Tier are, in fact, bound by a common thread: Our connection to this region. For all of our individual differences, we share its roots. We enjoy its nature, bask in its art, and relish its history. And we’re invested, collectively, in preserving those common enjoyments while always striving for new frontiers and more successes. When you think of it that way, those of us who make up the 750,000 residents of the seven core counties and hundreds of miles of the Southern Tier aren’t that different, after all. That’s worth celebrating.

So, on this 607 Day, we leave you with this: An ode to the Southern Tier.

Here’s To The Southern Tier

Here’s to the Southern Tier.
Here’s to its people.
To the locals,
     Barons and Bearcats and everyone between.
To the artists,
     and the makers.
To their craft,
     their glass.
To the explorers,
     the go getters.
To the growers.
To their grapes and their grains.
Here’s to its places.
To the cities,
     and the towns.
To the river.
One river.
The Chemung River.
     connecting us all, always.
To the hills.
     Harris Hill. Soaring Eagles.
To the waters.
The lakes.
Our lakes,
     The Finger Lakes.
Here’s to its past,
     and future.
To its charm, 
     and relentless innovation.
Here’s to its history.
Here’s to its vision.
Here’s to centuries before,
     and centuries more.
Here’s to now.
Here’s to here.
Here’s to the Southern Tier.

Logan Sweet

Logan Sweet

Logan is a typical twenty-something, with the not so typical soul of an old man. He enjoys wandering throughout Upstate New York in the search for the perfect cup of coffee. You can join in on his adventures, on both Twitter and Instagram, by following @LoganSweet369.
Logan Sweet
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