As the festivities of GlassFest quickly sneak up, and thousands of visitors are expected to stay in our beloved downtown, it?s important to not forget to plan ahead. Getting caught up in all that GlassFest offers is easy to do, but we feel that you also deserve a little ?me-time.” So whether you?re a local, frequent visitor, or coming to GlassFest for the first time, AgeLess SPA at Radisson Hotel Corning is ready to help you unwind! It is conveniently attached to the North Wing of the hotel; the short stroll just down the brick walkway from Market Street will guide you right to your small town getaway oasis.

Their facility offers a broad range of spa services such as massages, facials, and steam therapy. All services are catered to helping you escape from reality and leave you feeling rejuvenated. Let?s not forget to mention their team of licensed professionals who will ensure you get the style of service that better suites your needs.

If you are looking for massages, then we suggest trying one of the Integrateshutterstock_142957885d Massages customized to help with problem areas. From 30 minutes to 90 minutes, you are able to schedule as much time as you need. We like to add on a 10-minute steam therapy at the end of our 60-minute massages to detox completely. If you want just a little bit more out of your massage experience at AgeLess SPA, then we also love their Hot Stone Massages that will literally melt any aches and pains away.


We know that massages aren?t for everyone, but healthy skin is! As we get outside to enjoy the warmer weather during GlassFest, we can?t forget to repair and protect our skin (fellas, we?re talking to you, too). Each of their AgeLess Facials are customized for your particular skin type. Using their one and only faFACIALLITTLEvorite, Image Skincare to take your skin from dry and dehydrated to refreshed and glowing!

If you?re planning a ?date night? during your stay in Corning, AgeLess SPA can keep the pampering going! From makeup applications to their very popular gel manicure and pedicure for the ladies to haircuts and beard trimming services for the fellas, you?ll feel completely relaxed and ready for a night out on the town!shutterstock_255282904


AgeLess SPA at Radisson Hotel Corning is looking forward to seeing you during your stay (or staycation) in our vibrant and urban downtown! Now if you?ll excuse us, it?s time for us to give them a call to schedule our appointments for a little ?me-time!?

Brianna Van Osdol

Brianna Van Osdol

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