Time to grab your long-awaited pumpkin (don’t-call-it-spice) latt? and hit the streets of the Gaffer District!

The warm colors of autumn leaves are starting to pop in the picturesque city of Corning, NY as the first day of fall arrives. Whether you have never visited our beautiful city, or haven?t been in a while, we?re here to give you the perfect way to fill an autumn weekend.


For starters, your hotel is a no-brainer. The Radisson sits at the mouth of Market Street, which gives you the perfect loop to pass every shop and restaurant. Feathery pillows, a hotel bar, and walking distance to every thing you could ever want.

Thirty seconds away from your cozy bed is Pip?s Boutique. Pip?s offers a variety of fun, unique, easy to wear clothing in all sizes. There?s always a friendly face eager to find you a gorgeous outfit for a night out. And really, what?s better than supporting local businesses?

Let?s talk about my favorite topic, food. I don?t know about you, but shopping makes me hungry. Corning is lucky enough to have a local, organic caf? right at our fingertips, The Source. I struggle to find a couple words to describe this caf?/juice bar, handcrafted chocolate, baskets and gift shop. It?s everything, and definitely worth the visit.

60 East Gallery is a great exhibit featuring several local artists in the area. Walk through the building to relax and enjoy the art, or shop ?cards from home? by the talented owner, Patrick O?Connor.

Before you head back to your room, you must stop at one of Market Street?s greatest gems:?Soul Full Cup Coffeehouse. Here’s where that pumpkin latt? comes in. Not only do they have a variety of cold and hot brews, featuring locally roasted beans, but they’ve got a special house-made pumpkin sauce for the fall season that can be added to any beverage. They offer local treats and baked goods as well; nothing like a quality dessert.

On your way down the street back towards The Radisson, make sure to stop by the many other restaurants and shops that Market Street has to offer.

After a lovely night?s rest, what better way to unwind than a trip to the spa? Our friends at?AgeLess Spa, conveniently located with The Radisson, offer a wide variety of spa treatments. Choose from an array of massages, facials, manicure/pedicure options, or a makeup application to look and feel your best.

There you have it, a perfect autumn weekend in the Gaffer District. I?m sure after this experience we?ll be seeing you again soon. Happy fall!


Brianna Van Osdol

Brianna Van Osdol

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