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We’re big fans of the Corning Museum of Glass, as we’re sure you can tell. We’re not the kind of people that need any specific reason to visit the museum because, for us, the museum is the reason to visit.?But we’re also not so naive to think that everyone has the same mindset, and sometimes, just sometimes, you need a little incentive to plan a trip. Well today’s your lucky day, friends. We’ve got not one, not two, but THREE reasons to visit the museum this week. Here goes:

The Contemporary Art + Design Wing

If you live in Corning and have yet to visit the museum’s gorgeous Contemporary Art + Design Wing, shame on you. If you did visit in the first couple of weeks following its opening, but haven’t been back since, shame on you, too…

The Contemporary Art + Design Wing. Photo by Iwan Baan.

…okay, so maybe we’re being a little?harsh. But just a little. The new wing is honestly one of the most awe inspiring physical spaces?we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. The structure itself, designed by internationally renowned architect, Thomas Phifer, is as much of a masterpiece as the works it houses. From the soft natural light to the ever-so-slightly curved walls to the seemingly disappearing and reappearing rooms and hallways, the entire space makes you feel as if you’re walking through a cloud; a cloud filled with priceless pieces of fragile glass, but a cloud nonetheless. And the ART! Don’t even get us started about the art. Where else are you going to see eighteen ship-like vessels?floating on an invisible sea of air, or a ghostly glass ball gown frozen in both time and space? You’d be hard pressed to find works as enchanting as those anywhere else in the world, let alone your own backyard.

As if the promise of a truly unique experience isn’t enough incentive, maybe this is: the Contemporary Art + Design Wing is currently celebrating its first anniversary. The wing opened its doors to the public on March 20th, 2015 and hasn’t looked back. In the last 368 days (at this point) its welcomed more than 460,000 visitors from 40 countries and the furthest reaches of the globe. You’re lucky, Corning. You don’t have to travel thousands of miles to see what so many others set out to see. So, if you weren’t one of those 460,000 people that ushered in the new wing, now’s your chance to kickstart year two.

Martin Janecky’s In The House

Martin Janecky

Just look at this…

Martin Janecky is currently an Artist-in-Residence at the museum. That may not sound like a big deal to you, but it really is. His work is nothing short of amazing. Martin crafts his lifelike figures with such detail and precision, that if you didn’t know better, you’d never assume they were blown from molten hot glass, let alone done by hand and not with some kind of commercial machinery.

He truly is a master in his own right. Martin began working with glass at the age of thirteen. By the time he was twenty, he was already being sought out by the world’s most esteemed glass artists and designers to collaborate and provide his unique artistic direction. You’ll have an opportunity to hear from Martin in person, along with fellow Artist-in-Residence,?Jeffrey Stenbom, at a lunch hour lecture this Thursday. He’ll also be a guest artist in the newAmphitheater Hot Shop from April 4-8th, so you’ll get an opportunity to see him work in person. Rumor has it that Martin’s been working on something special for our friends at Hand + Foot in his spare time, but we can neither confirm nor deny that… Just kidding, we can totally confirm.

I Love NY Wants You To Visit

Literally. I Love NY has partnered with New York’s most acclaimed museums to present its #NYSCulture coupon?throughout the end of the month. The coupon gets you 15% off your admission to the museum, and makes it just a little easier to experience New York State’s historical and influential cultural attractions. All you have to do is follow this link, print off the coupon and present it at the front desk during normal admission hours. A friendly reminder that admission for kids 17 and under is free, and tickets for local residents are just $9. Couple that with the #NYSCulture coupon, and you’re getting in for quite the deal.

The coupon expires in just a few days, so what better reason to make your trip to the museum now.

Logan Sweet

Logan Sweet

Logan is a typical twenty-something, with the not so typical soul of an old man. He enjoys wandering throughout Upstate New York in the search for the perfect cup of coffee. You can join in on his adventures, on both Twitter and Instagram, by following @LoganSweet369.
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