Sure, we’re not as trendy as Brooklyn’s Fulton Street, and you won’t find the same cosmopolitan flare of Paris’?Champs-?lys?es, but Downtown Corning has a uniqueness of its own that deserves to be celebrated. And its definitely got a leg up on Ithaca, but that’s another story…

The businesses in Corning are significantly more interesting than they’re sometimes given credit. From the practical to the extravagant, the absurd to the “I’m going to use this everyday, for the rest of my life.” kinds of things, the chances of finding what you need in Corning are pretty high. But what about the things you don’t really need, per-say? Well, Corning’s got you covered there, too. Here’s a list of ten things you can buy in Corning that you didn?t know you need in your life – but totally do.



What: A Graphite Hand – $35-$70
Where: Mockingbird Paperie

It?s not your pencil making those marks; it?s your hand! This hand, made of solid graphite, is sold right on Market Street in a variety of shapes and sizes. Take your art skills to a whole new level with this unique writing utensil.



What: A Guitar Made From A Cigar Box – $200
Where: Corning Art and Frame

A guitar made from a cigar box – what more could any Beck binging, folksy music-lover ever need? This totally functioning instrument has all the typical characteristics of a guitar, but, you know, with the additional “the whole body-is-a-cigar-box-thing.”



What: Handmade Soap – $3.75/bar
Where: The Source

This locally made soap is the perfect gift for that?”crunchy” in your life. Freshly made with fresh ingredients in numerous scents. You really can?t go wrong.



What: The Liquid Body Flask – $60
Where: Pure Design

Areaware invented the grown-up juice pouch. The solid flask looks just like those Capri Suns you used to drink in elementary school. But, now that you?re all grown up, Areaware took the liberty to transform the juice pouch of days past into something a little more mature. Basically, you can enjoy adult drinks in an adult pouch. Perfect.



What: Lines For All Occasions – $10
Where: Connor?s

To all the dad?s running out of jokes, or the guys who?ve been using the same pickup line for the past five years, these books are for you. They come in a huge variety of themes and topics; perfect for any gag gift, or some much needed research for yourself (No judgement!). Think about it, for just $10 you could be a hit at the next big party.


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What: Jimmy Choo ?Sophia? Sunglasses – $500
Where: Glaswerk Optical

Sometimes, Jimmy Choo glasses are essential. Am I right, ladies? These sunglasses come in a few different colors, offer the option to add your prescription and always sport a little bit of “bling” on the top.



What: Cigar Box Humidor – $70
Where: Browns Cigar Store

Store your special occasion cigars with ease in this beautiful cigar humidor. There are several storage options throughout the store made of glass, oak and marble to keep your keepsakes at their very best.


Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 1.30.03 PM

What: Pink Sea Salts – $20
Where: Old World Caf?

The huge chunks of colorful salt come with a grader, so you’ll have the power to sprinkle the perfect amount of salt every time. Rumor has it that Himalayan sea salt is quickly becoming a huge trend on every dining table, so don’t miss out…



What: Growler and Fill – $20
Where: Iron Flamingo

Okay, maybe you did know you needed this one. Iron Flamingo is the first microbrewery to produce and distribute craft beer in Corning. With a large variety of their brews on tap, you?ll have a tough decision choosing one for your fill. Our advice? Sit and have a pint while you decide.



What: ?Three Green Apples Still-life? – $1800
Where: Corning Museum of Glass

Jen Violette?s beautiful glass piece of three apples on a shelf would be an eye-catching in anyone?s home. Violette dusts glass powder over the surface of the work to evoke the rough textures of rind and peel. It’s so realistic that you might be tempted to take a bite. (But we wouldn’t recommend it.)

So there you have it, Corning surprises us once again with its fresh and unique taste. The next time you have a few hours to kill, stop by some of the shops and see what other treasures are to be found. Stories have been told of an old electric chair hiding out somewhere on West Market, but we can neither confirm nor deny that.

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