Tonight is 2300? at the Corning Museum of Glass. If you don’t know what that means, you’re probably not from Corning and you can stop reading this post; we won’t hold it against you… for long.

If you do live in Corning, you should definitely be there. 2300? is a party thrown by an internationally acclaimed museum, to celebrate our city’s unique glass art culture, specifically for YOU to enjoy. There are only six events throughout the year,?and if you only take advantage of one of them, tonight should be the night. Tonight isn’t just another?2300?, it’s the 100th?2300?, and that’s something to be celebrated.

Still need more incentive? That’s okay, we took the time to compile one hundred reasons why you should attend tonight’s 100th 2300?.

1. It’s FREE to attend.
2. You’ll watch some seriously cool glassblowing by local talent and invited artists.
3. There’s always killer live music. Last time around, two large bald-headed men wore kilts and played the bagpipes. It was great.
4. You have your choice of wine or beer at the well-stocked cash bar.
5. There’s even more wine at tonight’s?2300?. Rumor has it that over twenty Finger Lakes wineries are offering tastings.
6. You can explore the Contemporary Art + Design Wing, completely free of charge.
7. There’s not one, but two bands. Rock and roll in the auditorium and smooth jazz in the foyer. Business in the front, party in the back.
8. Tonight’s the night to get 23% off your purchase of that Steuben crystal barware set you didn’t know we wanted. That’s a bargain.
9.?It’s a chance to get a little dressed up or go as casual as you want. No judgement, either way.
10. Bars and restaurants keep the party going well after 8pm. Take the complimentary shuttle to Market Street and make a night of it.

Okay, okay… So we didn’t really come up with one hundred different reasons, but we shouldn’t really have to either. Just read the list ten times and get over to the museum. You won’t regret it. We’ll see you tonight.

Remember what we said about seriously cool glass blowing?


If you do need more details about tonight’s special?2300? celebration, you can find them HERE. You can also see what else is going on around Corning this weekend on our events calendar.

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Logan Sweet

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