In the month of October, there is a disproportionate amount of sports-related depression* in the air.?This season is called “fall” because that’s probably what your favorite team has done or is about to do before the month is up. The “big?four” major leagues are now in season (or post-season) and it’s time to consider where you’ll watch the games, if you haven’t already.

My new favorite place is Oak’s (at the end of Market Street closest to Wegmans). Now, if you’re thinking about the close-quartered, end-of-the-night Jager Bomb palace, you haven’t been to Oaks recently. They replaced part of the back room with a kitchen, improved the quantity and quality of their televisions, and offer most of the major sports packages so you’ll never miss a game. Finally, a full-fledged sports bar that ALSO serves food on Market Street!

If you still can’t imagine it, let me paint a picture of last Sunday for you:

7:30am – wake up, check fantasy football lineups that were checked before falling asleep.

7:48am – remind my dog that the Bills are playing in London; she doesn’t care.

7:51am – put on Bills t-shirt in case I run into anyone who does care.

8:36am – start making breakfast with Yahoo! sports pre-game coverage on the laptop

9:25am – sip on 3rd cup of coffee and wonder why the UK?National Anthem stole its?melody from “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”

9:30am – Buffalo Bills vs. Jacksonville Jaguars kickoff from Wembley Stadium in London!

[Author’s note: skipping ahead to post-game coverage]

12:42pm – check to make sure no tears have stained my Bills t-shirt, realize I need beer.

12:55pm – walk into Oak’s Sports Bar in Corning.

Oaks Sports Bar in Corning NY

When the weather is cold and wet, Oak’s is warm and welcoming (except the beer… the beer is so cold).

12:55pm – order beer (“coldest beer in town” according to signs at the bar).

12:56pm – take big gulp of beer, experience minor brain freeze, start trusting signs at the bar.

1:00pm – watch kickoff of afternoon football games on 10?big-screen televisions.

1:33pm – fight the urge to order fried pepperoni with my chicken wings and BLT sandwich.

1:34pm – check fantasy team progress.

1:35pm – tell bartender I’d like to add fried pepperoni to my order.

1:45pm – receive some great-looking bar food, start feeling better about my day.

1:50pm – not surprised the fried pepperoni was a great choice.

1:51pm – actually surprised at how good the chicken wings are.

1:52pm – finally taste the house-made french onion dip that came with my meal?… more?to love!

Oaks Sports Bar Menu

Part of the Menu displayed on the wall at Oak’s. There’s even more to love.

2:10pm – satisfied and full, I take off my sweatshirt to?reveal the?Bills t-shirt [tears have dried].

2:11pm – get made fun of for epic loss to the Jaguars.

2:12pm – order more beer (I’ve learned by now to sip slowly).

2:41pm – vow to return to Oak’s to watch future games.

3:15pm – my mood is changed entirely; despite the Bills loss, I found a new sports mecca right on Market Street.

3:17pm – check fantasy team progress.

3:18pm – sob uncontrollably.

The selection of alcohol and other games to watch helped ease my sorrows about the Buffalo Bills.

The selection of alcohol and other games to watch helped ease my sorrows about the Buffalo Bills.


*Urban Corning is not approved to diagnose any diseases… and we’re not even sure sports-related depression is a real thing.


Sean Lukasik
Sean is the owner and partner at Creagent Marketing in Corning, NY. He helps businesses find their voice on social media and build their audience online. He helps individuals find delicious meals and great drinks throughout the Southern Finger Lakes.
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