At the beginning of 2013, I set a goal of 800 Facebook Fans (at the time I had about 200-300). I’m now at almost 1000 fans! I watched my stats and I focused on what was working. It became a game for me to see what type of content I could create for the UrbanCorning Facebook Page, to get the most likes, shares, and ultimately, new fans. ?Not everyone is on the MyFace.internet; so whether you missed these or just want a recap, here are some of my favorite?Facebook posts of 2013:



Just really excited about this one:


The Beer Glasses at The Site are missing something


This sign located at the Elmira / Corning Airport in the Men’s Room.

Welcome to the beautiful Finger Lakes region, please spit into the proper receptacle.


Hillary Clinton Visits CMoG (Photo Credit Emily Smith)

(this was my post popular post of 2013)



And last but not least…

Speak slowly and clearly, when explaining the types of events we have to your family:



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