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Vote once per day to put Corning on top of the list of MOST FUN small town in America! We are already in 3rd, and if all of my readers voted as often as humanly possibly, we could make this happen easily.


How we can win easily!

We could easily win this contest, but there are some things that would gurantee a win:

1) Select the Category “Most Fun

As of this writing, we are in 3rd 2nd place for the category “Most Fun”, making it easy for us to get to the top and dominate this list.  Be careful and DO NOT VOTE IN OTHER CATEGORIES. If we divide our votes among several categories , we won’t win any of them. Always choose “Most Fun” as your category.

2) Vote Once Per Day

You are allowed to vote once per day, making for an easy runaway victory (or swift defeat). An easy way to remember to do this is to A) Bookmark this page B) Set as your web browser’s homepage (I”ll keep a vote link on my front page –  here are instructions for FireFoxChrome, and Internet Explorer) And / or C) Like Urbancorning on Facebook for reminders throughout the contest.

3) Share This Post… Often.

Share the post on facebook. You can even click the like button on the bottom right of this post to share it now. Let’s get this thing viral. Share it once per week if your really ambitious!


Why Should I Vote for Most Fun?

This is a contest for most fun small town. As locals, it’s easy to not see what’s around us. This is a contest to put our town on the radar to reach more travelers.  Not long ago, I was an outsider, and my initial concept for UrbanCorning was to a blog about discovering this new town I lived in.  In terms of our population, we are a surprisingly gigantic tourist destination. We aren’t just another town on the road between New York City and Niagara Falls.

  • We have blocks of restaurants & shopping
  • You can’t go a day without running into live music somewhere
  • There are street festivals held year round (rare in the North East)
  • We are home to a world class internationally recognized museum
  • It’s a downright beautiful area that changes dramatically throughout the seasons (believe me… I lived in boring flat seasonless Florida for way too long).

Notice, I haven’t even mentioned the Finger Lakes, wine trails, and proximity to better known larger cities with Ivy League Universities. Corning holds its own. Give it some props & VOTE!

Most Fun Small Town in America

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