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How To Spend This Friday Evening In Corning

This weekend, there's a lot to be excited for in the Crystal City. With the Wineglass Marathon returning, the town will be buzzing with activity. Runners from all around the word will embark on our little city, which embraces the event each year. Restaurants will be...

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Harvest Is Here

Harvest is here. And no, we're not talking about grapes - although the annual Finger Lakes Wine Country harvest is in full swing. The harvest we're talking about is HARVEST, a one-day seasonal celebration hosted in the heart of Downtown Corning. The event is held this...

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Corning’s Most Instagrammable Spots

Corning has some pretty iconic spots: Little Joe Tower, Market Street, the Corning Glassworks Arch, the Corning Museum of Glass - I could go on. And posting a picture of any one of these places on your Instagram feed is sure to garner a few likes. But we know Corning...

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Urban Corning Store

Show your local pride with these select products from Urban Corning. Order online or shop exclusively at Card Carrying Books & Gifts on Market Street